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Should your small company be on Instagram? I know you can’t be on every social platform. You need to actually discover time to run your company.

I always tell customers it’s better to get actually good at one or two social platforms than to mess around in numerous.

That stated, I believe that a lot of companies must actually think about making Instagram among the socials media they use. Here’s why:

Get Your Small Company on Instagram So You Don’t Fall Behind

Of all, Instagram struck 1 billion users in June 2018.

In 2018 71% of U.S. organisations are on Instagram compared to almost 49% in 2016. That implies if you’re not there, you’re falling behind. Fortunately is just 52% of small companies are utilizing Instagram. If you leap on now you can be one of the leaders.

Individuals are Utilizing Instagram– A Lot!

Instagram audience stats Instagram is one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store and Google Play. Once they download the app individuals are investing a great deal of time on Instagram– about< a href="https://blog.hootsuite.com/instagram-statistics/"> 30 minutes daily. And while Instagram does skew younger than other platforms (64% of 13 to 17 year-olds and 59% of 18 to 29 year-olds are on Instagram) older folks are leaping on board too.

On my primary Instagram account (yes I have more than one) the largest group of followers are ladies aged 45 to 54.

And don’t forget there are a billion users. Even if you have an older client base, you’ll still reach a great deal of them on Instagram.

Facebook owns Instagram

Facebook is the largest social media on the planet. And they’re throwing a great deal of loan at Instagram. This states to me that it’s not disappearing any time soon and is just going to continue to grow.

They’re also adding brand-new functions all the time– Instagram Stories (to take on Snapchat) and now IGTV (some think it’s a direct shot at YouTube).

There’s a great deal of ways you can put your small business on Instagram

In either case, there’s great deals of methods you can get a get on the competitors if you get going now.

Instagram Has More Engagement Than Facebook

Have you ever complained about the lack of natural (complimentary) reach on your Facebook page? You truly need to be considering Instagram. It has 58 times more engagement than Facebook.

Instagram is Great for Resident Organisation

Instagram allows you to add an area tag to each photo you publish. Do it. Posts with location tags get 79% more engagement.Instagram Places

This is partly because there’s a”Places” tab in the search feature that permits users to find Instagram

posts and accounts near where they are right now. It makes it simple for people to discover your company. Just as significantly, you can easily learn who has been posting images about your organisation. And when you discover those people, like and comment on the posts. Thank them for visiting your service. You can even reshare “user produced content” about your business.

Want to take engaging with your clients up a notch? When you find someone who mentions you on Instagram (or other platforms) in your comment welcome them to bring the comment into your store/restaurant for a discount rate or totally free present. They’ll end up being raving fans and it will motivate others to post as well.

Instagram Ads Are More Affordable

I run a great deal of ads on social networks. And while Facebook is still an excellent worth, advertisement costs are going up as more individuals get on the platform. Frankly, Facebook is running out of locations to show ads so the price keeps going up.

Instagram ads are still dirt cheap. And they get fantastic reach.

Individuals are buying from Instagram. 30% of users have actually acquired an item they initially saw on Instagram.

Material for Other Social Networks

No, you do not wish to share whatever on every platform. They all have their own audiences and styles.

andreastenberg on Instagram< img class ="alignleft size-medium wp-image-6244"src="https://www.thebabyboomerentrepreneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Screenshot_20180710-092750_Instagram-169x300.jpg" alt= "andreastenberg on Instagram "width="169" height ="300"srcset="https://www.thebabyboomerentrepreneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Screenshot_20180710-092750_Instagram-169x300.jpg 169w, https://www.thebabyboomerentrepreneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Screenshot_20180710-092750_Instagram-768x1365.jpg 768w,

https://www.thebabyboomerentrepreneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Screenshot_20180710-092750_Instagram-576×1024.jpg 576w, https://www.thebabyboomerentrepreneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Screenshot_20180710-092750_Instagram.jpg 1080w “sizes= “( max-width: 169px) 100vw, 169px” > Nevertheless, excellent photos can be shared throughout platforms because most people have one platform they utilize more than others. However, to make sure you do not piss off individuals who really enjoy you and follow you everywhere, I ‘d stagger the use. If you post a photo on Instagram Monday, do not share it on Facebook until next Wednesday and on Twitter the Saturday after that. It’s not likely somebody will see all the posts and if they do, they may have forgotten by then.

Do I have you encouraged that your little service should be on Instagram? Leave a remark and let me understand what you think.

And if you desire to follow me on Instagram to find out more you can find me @andreastenberg or @hackingmyhealth

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