The Babytreps mission is to drive positive change through entrpreneuship. Our network of 20,000 babytreppers means we are unique in bringing you the latest real innovations from real business owners across the country….in real time. Our purpose is to keep you and your teams up to date, to inspire you as you create your future.

About StartupNation

Babytreps provides millions of people around the world with the information, inspiration and connections they need to start, grow and manage a successful business. Founded by passionate entrepreneurs, Anthony Vann and Julietta Perez, Babytreps is a multimedia company located in Pasadena, California.

Anthony and Julietta are business creators, lifelong entrepreneurs, who have helped entrepreneurs pursue success.

Babytreps’ content is crafted by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, offering the necessary insights for personal growth through in-the-trenches, how-to content authored by subject matter experts, thought leaders and business professionals.

Babytreps provides access to experts in a variety of business disciplines through its various media channels and fosters peer-to-peer interaction in its vibrant online community forums. The breadth and range of businesses Babytreps serves includes sole proprietorships, home-based businesses and part-time businesses, all the way to the most esoteric and sophisticated ventures.

Babytreps inspires and educates entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to be their own boss and live the Dream.