AlterEgo: Interfacing with gadgets through quiet speech

AlterEgo is a wearable system that permits a user to calmly speak with a computing device with no voice or discernible motions– consequently allowing t.

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‘Joy lies in discovering something new every day’– Tejaswini Gopalaswamy, tourist, entrepreneur

(The Proust Questionnaire is a survey about one’s personality. It has its origins in a parlour video game popularized by Marcel Proust, the French author and novelist, who thought that, in answering these questions, a private reveals his or her real nature.)

Tejaswini Gopalaswamy is the co-founder at Unventured Expeditions, an experiential travel company providing Bike, Walking and Dive tours in India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and South East Asia. Her company won the Outlook Visitor Award for the Finest Experience Tour Operator in India. Unventured Expeditions is also a responsible travel initiative where travel fulfills environmental and wildlife preservation together with social empowerment. Here are her responses to our Proust questionnaire …

What is your concept of ideal joy? To get in touch with nature as often

as possible. Knowing something new every day. Taking a favorable action toward a self-sustainable and active way of life. What is your greatest worry? Fear itself.

I fear the feeling of fear and self-doubt and the”What

ifs” setting in, when starting brand-new journey or idea. What is the quality you most deplore in yourself? Overthinking, as

part my task it is necessary that I think through

every possible disaster even prior to I get on it. My mind in some cases tends to go a little overboard. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Dishonesty and judgemental attitudes.

Which living person do you most admire?Anyone, when they are performing an act of kindness. What is your greatest overindulgence? Sports gear and my garden garden. What is your present state

of mind? What do you think about the most overrated virtue? Sympathy. Feeling sad for someone and refraining from doing anything to alter the situation does not make good sense to me.

On what occasion do you lie?

When I understand it will calm the other person and encourage them

towards doing something they have constantly wished to do.What do you most dislike about your appearance? Honestly, absolutely nothing. I do like the method I look. Every scar

, stretchmark, crinkle and wonky finger has an amusing story or a memory with it. Which living individual do you most abhor? What is the quality you most like in a guy?

A sense of experience, compassion and simpleness What is the quality you most like in a lady? Which words or phrases do you most overuse

?”Let’s do this “and “Hell Yeah

“What or who is the best love of your life?

Experience and entrepreneurship. I also love to produce something and view it grow.Which talent would you most like to have? Absolutely to be able to speak multiple languages and master them quickly. The line of work I remain in needs that I get in touch with the locals and this talent will definitely assist. If you could alter something about yourself, what would it be? What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? The

greatest is yet to come. I likewise believe turning up

and doing what you love every day, taking it one step ahead in a favorable instructions and making an impact towards a much better economy and social structure is an achievement.

If you were to pass away and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be

? I feel such appreciation and contentment about being a commoner,

a minimalist and a traveller, that I wouldn’t change a thing. Although I do wonder about popular motion picture stars occasionally. Perhaps that. Where would you most like to live? India, throughout India. I think what makes an area or location a house is its individuals. For me, I have discovered kindness and quirk here and it keeps me going. What is your most treasured ownership? My time. I secure it, have it and spend it, weighing the chances carefully. What do you consider the most affordable depth of anguish? The inability to make a choice. What is your preferred occupation? What

I am doing today. Excellent Old Bike Tour

Guide and travel manager. What is your most marked quality? I am informed I am really consistent and I believe it’s my will power to make things work and the drive to make

a distinction that keeps me that way. What do

you most worth in your friends?I love that they are non-judgemental. They let me be and enjoy me for who I am

in every method. Who are your favourite authors?

Charles Bukowski and Hemingway Who is your hero of fiction?

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Which historic figure do you most identify with? Harriet Chalmers Adams. She was an explorer, photographer and author and went on to inform us some amazing stories in the Nat Geo publication. Who are your heroes in genuine life? Those who are relentless and fight for what they believe in

. Every one of those Individuals who stand their ground. What is your preferred name? What is it that you most do not like? What is your biggest regret? Absolutely nothing yet

, I understand I have actually tried my finest. I would be sorry for not offering

an opportunity my finest shot.How would you like to die? In the mountains, outdoors, anything but looking at a ceiling What is your favourite

journey?Life What is your slogan? You begin conserving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grand romanticism or politics.– Charles Bukowski.


Ed Moore: Encouragement

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Ed Moore: Encouragement

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21 Free Tools Your Small Business Need To Be Using Today

Running a small company can be a pricey undertaking. You may be one of those lucky business owners who can pay for to take dangers, however it’s more reasonable to think you resemble a lot of small company owners, indicating you thoroughly evaluate all important choices your group wishes to make. Choosing and utilizing the best software for your company is no various. To help you, we’ve assembled a list of 21 totally free tools that your little company should be utilizing. Thankfully, all of the software application discussed deal premium (read: paid) prepares to which you can update when your little company outgrows the complimentary strategies. So don’t be shy: Be sure to check out the items on this list, even if you plan to ultimately scale out of the small service category.1.

Site Home Builder from Wix

If your small service needs a website (and the response to that for most businesses is a definite “yes, it does”) and your site building requirements are basic, then try using a free site contractor such as Wix, which uses a totally free account. Wix can assist you produce a full-featured, mobile-friendly website that won’t break your budget. After using the free plan for a while, if you realize that your organisation would actually take advantage of all the features a web hosting supplier can offer you, then you can go with a paid web hosting service such as HostGator Webhosting.2. Virtual Private Network fromCyberGhost Small companies that worried about security

(and you need to be) need to implement individual virtual personal network(VPN)services. These services conceal online activity from snoops, and limits who can and can’t access network content. Most VPNs are pay-to-play however there are a couple of services, such as CyberGhost, that give you a little defense at no cost.CyberGhost is the very best complimentary

VPN service on the marketplace. It uses trusted connection speeds and exceptional network security, plus it works on the majority of modern-day os( OSes ). It’s rather difficult to set up, especially for truly little companies; and if you require Mac or Linux support, you’ll need to update to the paid version. But if you simply need something simple, easy, and complimentary, then CyberGhost is an excellent tool.3. Endpoint Defense from Avast What’s the point of growing a business if it can be shut down by viruses or

hackers? Avast’s endpoint defense comes in a totally free and a premium version, both of which secure your network well.If you choose the complimentary variation, bear in mind that you will not have access to proactive controls, a firewall software, or information shredding. However, you’ll still get access to solid malware stopping, security scanning, and rescue disk functionality– all of which will be available in helpful at some point.4. Task Management from Wrike Wrike’s job management option is among the finest on the marketplace regardless of which tier you pick. The complimentary

variation supports approximately 5 users, an endless number of collaborators, and 2 GB of complimentary storage. With this strategy, you can manage jobs, share files, and monitor your group’s activities in a real-time feed.If you need customizations and reporting, you’ll have to upgrade to a greater tier.

If you’re simply getting started and your team is small, the free project management tool will be best for you.5. Video Conferencing from If you’re looking to get in touch with customers, potential customers, and remote workers,

you’ll require a trusted video conferencing solution to assist you get the task done. uses a totally free strategy that lets you invite approximately 10 video participants, share screens, and supports approximately five video isn’t the most robust offering on the market, but it’s certainly a strong rival amongst the totally free solutions. If you do not have loan to invest, and you require the cream of the free crop, attempt Applicant Tracking from Zoho Employee Small companies that don’t have task openings often will love Zoho Employee. This applicant tracking tool offers you access to one employer and as much as five open positions simultaneously. You’ll have the ability to input, publish, and track jobs up until you find the ideal prospect for your business’s particular needs.You’ll likewise be able to send out emails to candidates by means of 5 free email templates, which will make your life much easier if you need to send the very same(or comparable)messages over and over again.7. Human Being Resources Management from Deputy Once you’ve found the best candidate, you’ll require to track his/her progress via a personnels( HR)management tool. Deputy offers a starter strategy that costs simply$1 per staff member per month. Yes, I know, this isn’t complimentary. At just$1 per month , it’s an exceptionally strong investment.Deputy will permit you to schedule staff member shifts, make business statements, and manage jobs, all within one user friendly tool.

Regrettably, at this cost tier, you won’t be able to add timesheets or payroll integration. For that, you’ll have to invest an extra$2 per staff member each month.8. Accounting from Wave Your workers definitely want to earn money. Does your landlord and your energies supplier. To keep your books well balanced,

you can utilize Wave. With the free version of Wave, you’ll receive accounting and reports performance, you’ll have the ability to produce and scan billings, and you’ll be able to scan invoices directly into the system.No, this isn’t a one-stop look for all of your accounting needs. If you keep things simple, you’ll be able to get quite far utilizing this basic service. For things such as payments and automated combination with direct deposit payroll, you’ll need to pay$ 19 month.9. Company Preparation from EquityNet If your company is still seeking to lure investors, EquityNet offers a complimentary crowdfunding platform that will assist

you prepare, examine, and share your service plan with investors. You’ll develop your strategy using EquityNet’s strategy and analysis software, and you’ll publish it onto the site and share it with anybody who wants to read your pitch.Although this is more of a funding tool than a preparation tool, the software suffices to get you through the initial ideation phases(and, who knows, you may even get fortunate and discover a deep-pocketed financier).10. Social Network Listening from HootSuite A lot of little companies don’t need a mega social listening platform. A totally free, user friendly control panel that lets you stay current on what your clients are saying ought to be enough. Luckily, Hootsuite offers a totally free variation of its software that’s great enough to do the trick.With HootSuite Free, you’ll be able to handle several social networks, schedule posts, and engage with your followers. You’ll also be able to track the number of fans you have on each of your social networks and monitor which posts are creating the most clicks. If your service grows, you can go up to among 3 premium strategies, which provide you access to extra profiles, analytics, and multiple users.11. Email Marketing from MailChimp is among the finest and most popular

e-mail marketing platforms on the market. Service tiers are priced depending on the number of e-mails you send each month. If your company sends fewer than 12,000 email messages per month to fewer than 2,000 customers, you’ll absolutely love MailChimp’s Forever Free plan.This take of a deal lets you use integrated signup forms to gather customers from throughout the web. You can utilize MailChimp’s drag-and-drop designer and email design templates to craft the perfect message. You will not get robust reporting on the Forever Free strategy, but you’ll be able to check open rates and compare them to the typical company in your market. Not bad for no dollars.12. Information Visualization from Tableau Public If you require a information visualization tool however you don’t have the coin to invest in

Tableau Desktop, then you should try Tableau Public. Public is

basically the like the full Tableau Desktop item, other than you won’t be able to pull details from as many data sources as the paid variation, and anything you produce will be conserved to a public version of Tableau’s cloud.This item gives you access to live dashboards, responsive visuals that can be created and seen on mobile phones, and access to Google and Microsoft document managers. You can even share your visuals on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.13. Business Intelligence from Microsoft

Power BI Microsoft Power BI is available in a paid and totally free version for self-service< a href=,2817,2491954,00.asp >

business intelligence(BI). The free version limitations you to 1 GB per user, which you can pay to increase to 10 GB. With this strategy, your information will refresh daily, you’ll be able to scan 10,000 rows of data per hour, and you’ll have the ability to publish to the web.To take in live information sources, scan millions of rows of data, or gain access to data on a physical server, you’ll need to update to Power BI Pro, which is still affordable at$10 per user per month. The Pro variation of this software application likewise offers you with ways to work together with

colleagues on visualizations across environments such as Microsoft Workplace 365.14. Document Management from Zoho Docs< a href=,2817,2490935,00.asp > Zoho Docs is a perfect document management service for small businesses with light document workloads. In addition to plug-ins to the rest of Zoho’s software application community, the Zoho Docs complimentary strategy is available for up to

25 users and consists of 5 GB of storage per user. The totally free plan likewise consists of limitless file and folder sharing, desktopsync, modifying tools, user management, and variation history. You’ll also have the ability to integrate with Dropbox and switch on two-factor authentication(2FA )for added security. Plus, each file provides you with in-app chat so you can team up in

actual time.15. Helpdesk Software from Zoho Desk Zoho also makes the list with its feature-rich helpdesk software application Zoho Desk. The free variation provides your service group with different w ork modes, an adjustable assistance center, an understanding base, neighborhood online forums, and the capability to rebrand the visuals to fit your company’s needs. If your helpdesk requirements are a bit more complicated, then you’ll want to update to the$12-per-user-per-month Pro variation orthe$25-per-user-per-month Enterprise variation, which adds features planned for larger organizations.16. E-Commerce Software Application from X-Cart For companies that have products to offer however do not have much loan to design a complex online shopping cart, X-Cart is a powerful service. X-Cart 5, which is the name of the complimentary version, offers innovative functions such as newsletters, social-commerce sharing, and a sitebuilder for tweaking styles. X-Cart provides free core upgrades and totally free extensions such as ShipStation

to produce shipping labels, Magic Slideshow to produce a slideshow on the website, and Diib Analytics.Keep in mind: You’ll require a little bit of technical prowess to begin with X-Cart 5. It’snot a plug-and-play e-commerce tool, so make sure to have a handy IT individual around to walk you through your setup.17. eLearning Authoring from H5P H5P isn’t the most effective eLearning authoring tool on the marketplace, this open-source software is an outstanding starter choice if you’re simply dipping your toe into the material authoring field, or if you do not have budget plan to commit to

a more effective tool.Course development can be done through 20 different course creation architectures. However, the only free-form course architecture is the Course Presentation choice. This is comparable to a Microsoft PowerPoint architecture,

although, unlike other tools, it doesn’t utilize the exact Microsoft PowerPoint format. You’ll have the ability to place text, images, videos, and concerns. Buttons are clearly significant and subsequent actions are clearly articulated. This is among the easier tools with which to produce a course (even utilizing the most complex format, namely, the Course Discussion architecture ). Other content types consist of Image Hotspots, Interactive Video, Summaries, Timelines, and a number of quiz formats, including Math, Sd card, Numerous Choice, and Brief Response quizzes.18. Document Scanning from Evernote Scannable Scannable, which is a new app from Evernote, rapidly scans stacks of service cards, notes from a meeting, and files by utilizing absolutely nothing more than your mobile phone and its cam. When you scan multiple documents in one session, every one is dealt with as a different note in Evernote rather than as one note with a number of images embedded. This is a terrific idea for receipts and service card company. The app likewise c onnects to LinkedIn for included networking context as it parses text incredibly well. Since the tool links to the cloud, sharing files is as easy

as sharing a picture on your phone’s hard disk drive

.19. Online Survey Software Application from SurveyGizmo There’s no much better method to take the proverbial temperature level of your customer base than with an online survey tool. SurveyGizmo’s free strategy puts no limits on the number of surveys, concerns, or responses you handle, which is an incredible value.

You’ll get access to 25 different question types, information visualization tools, and you’ll never ever have to offer any info(unless you prepare to upgrade to a paid strategy).20. Client Relationship Management from Apptivo CRM Customer relationship management( CRM)tools are often complicated, pricey, and flooded with features you’ll never need. Apptivo CRM offers a complimentary Starter strategy for approximately three users that’s developed to reduce you into the complicated world of customer data.With the Starter strategy, you’ll get to comprehensive reporting

, 500 MB of data, and task management functions such as turning point tracking and job design templates. You’ll also be able to link your totally free CRM to complimentary helpdesk, financing management

, and procurement tools, which is particularly helpful if you’re

a startup that is simply dipping its toe into the world of cloud services.21. Agreement Management from Agiloft If your contract management needs are basic, then try< a href =,2817,2488136,00.asp > Agiloft. The totally free strategy supports 10 registered users and you’ll

get to thirty days of customer service.Although the free version of the tool is mostly used as an evaluation source for bigger organizations, it can likewise be utilized by small companies that have the ability to handle a few restrictions. For instance, timer-based rules function just at 48-hour periods. You won’t get automated data backup, access to the Rest API, or your own worker portal. If you can deal with those concerns, then the complimentary strategy is all you’ll actually need.


” Nigerians made the mistake of handing over the country to a man who failed in handling his own little company”- Fayose

As the instant past guv of Ekiti State shared on twitter today.

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CD-ROM Under the Microscope [2000x]

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Sign in Transcript The interactive records could not be packed. Ranking is offered when the video has been rented. This function is not offered right now. Please attempt again later on. Today we look at a CD-ROM under a range of zooms as much as an ’em pty’ 2000x. Why use ’em pty ‘2000x? 2000x zoom is in fact so-called ’em

pty magnification’due to the fact that beyond 1000x we normally can not fix much more information from the optical setup. By increasing the magnification beyond this point(say to 2000x, by integrating a 20x eyepiece and a 100x objective)it does make the image appear larger, however no extra information is gained.I selected to use empty 2000x zoom in this video since it allowed me to fill the image sensor on the electronic camera with a bigger comparable image. This enabled more pixels to be committed to each’pit ‘and ‘land ‘on the sensor, letting you see them in more detail. The’pits’and ‘lands’ were dim and small enough at 1000x that they started blending into the noise of the cam sensor, even with contrast improvement. Light at 2000x is even dimmer, the observed size of the’ pits ‘and’lands’is big enough that they can be successfully differentiated from the back ground sensor sound. Hence, in this case empty 2000x zoom successfully results in an enhanced image, despite the fact that optically it is unable to deal with more detail.Corrections/ Information:-With extra research and the aid of your comments, I have actually produced a list of corrections & clarifications for this video. I will & upgrade if more changes are required.00:18 Technically, the metal coating we view in this video is just an imprint of the information kept on the CD-ROM. This imprint is formed from the actual information which lives as ‘pits ‘and’lands ‘in the thick plastic of the CD-ROM itself. When the metal layer is applied over these ‘pits ‘and ‘lands’ throughout producing it develops a comparable pattern on the metal sheet. Therefore, when we peel this layer off we see a near similar copy of the information as it was on the CD-ROM.10:02 The plan of’ pits’and ‘lands’do undoubtedly code for binary, but they don’t exactly compare to the binary that comprises the video game’s code. A transition from ‘pit’ to ‘land’ or ‘land’ to’pit’signs up as a 1 and a changeless ‘pit ‘or’land’registers a 0. The arrangement of the’ pits’ and’ lands’ are likewise encoded in an error-correcting format that introduces modifications that obscure the data further. In addition, there are other computational layers of abstraction in the data that should be overcome before it might be analyzed as standard game-data info. Therefore, the ‘pits ‘and ‘lands’ of the CD-ROM do save the 0s and 1s that make up the game, however only in an encoded, obfuscated way.11:55 Computers in the 1980s did indeed have several MB of disk drive area. For instance, the IBM Computer XT, which was
released in 1983 had a 10MB hard drive. Nevertheless, for a typical house computer system that utilized floppy drives for storage, you could be dealing with as low as 170 KB of storage per disk. 12:36 See 10:02 clarification.13:30 I say 2000x magnification, but magnification beyond 1000x is usually considered ’em pty
‘, suggesting no extra information can be resolved. Due to the nature of taping images from the scope nevertheless, the 2000x does in fact provide a remarkable image to 1000x in this case. Check the description above where it states’Why use ’em pty ‘2000x?’to find out more.13:31 The empty 2000x zoom is rough in this video since of contrast improvement that makes the elements more visible.14:20 The’pits ‘are usually at minimum 850 nm long, 500 nm large and 100 nm deep. The laser that reads the ‘pits’ has a wavelength 780 nm.14:54 See 14:20 14:56 The technical procedure by which the laser checks out data is more incredible than the rough approximation I mention in the video.The laser beam is really a great deal wider than the ‘pit ‘size, however thewavelength is indeed 780 nm. The wavelength has little do with the width or height of the ‘pits’but rather is tightly associated with their depth. The laser bounces
light off of the
CD-ROM and into a light sensor, looking for changes in order to read information. When the laser shines on a ‘pit’the light has to take a trip a little further( around one half of a wavelength) which triggers the light to destructively disrupt itself, making it dimmer as it recuperates to the sensing unit. Therefore, by determining this modification in brightness, we can check out the surface area of the CD-ROM. A shift from ‘pit’to ‘land’or ‘land’to ‘pit ‘registers as a 1 and an imperishable ‘land’ or’pit ‘registers a 0. Have a great one!-The Microscopic Channel